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Do You See Me? Glo-Active

Glo-Active is a non-profit organisation that runs throughout Gloucestershire providing enjoyable and affordable activities and opportunities for Children and Adults with disabilities. 

They are passionate about ensuring that all projects are inclusive and delivered informally to support all.

Glo-active is made up of a team of experienced, dedicated, and diverse support workers who are driven by the happiness and commitment they see from their ever-expanding Glo-active Family.


Jade has photographed members of Glo-Active as part of her ongoing photographic project Do you see me?

Do you see me? Is an ongoing photographic study that focused on individuals within the frame rather than their hidden or visible disability. Too often society sees disability rather than the person. This project is to raise awareness and give the individuals a platform to tell their story in their own words. 

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.


My Name is Ellie. I did some baking on Tuesday and sports in the afternoon. I do P.E on Wednesday, do some choir and pub on Thursday.

Image Description

Ellie (She/Her) is a white woman in her early 30’s she is pictured in the middle of the frame sat on the floor cross legged with her arms folded on her lap. She has curly long brown hair with a fringe. She has pink lipstick on and is seen softly smiling at camera wearing a cream linen shirt and dark wash skinny jeans with brown suede ankle boots.

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My names Alan, I am nearly 33 years old. I like babysitting my niece. I like watching T.V 

Image Description

Alan (He/Him) is a white man in his early 30’s he has chin length light brown hair with a fringe and blue eyes. He is stood in the centre of the frame with his arms crossed against a white background looking directly at the camera. He is wearing a burnt orange coloured hoodie with brown jogging trousers and black shoes.

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My name is Bethany. I like swimming and coming to Glo-Active.

Image Description 

Bethany (She/Her) is a young white woman in her late teens. She is pictured smiling with her head tilted back looking straight ahead at the camera with her hand on her hip. She is wearing a black dress with small ditsy flowers that are green and white with a frill around the collar. She has brown curly shoulder length hair; her fringe is clipped back with a metal green clip. She is wearing green eyeshadow that matches her dress against a white backdrop.

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My name is Mason. I have William syndrome and I am the Curby champion, and I like being at Redwell. 


Image Description 

Mason (He/Him) is a young white man in his late teens. He has short black hair and blue eyes. He is pictured side on with his head tilted towards the camera. He has a big smile showing his teeth. He has a moustache and beard. He is wearing a mottled grey hoodie against a white background.

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My name is Laura. I have 2 sisters Holly and Jess.

I have Epilepsy. I like cooking and dancing. My favourite animal is a dog. I have a boyfriend called Trevor.


Image Description 

Laura (She/Her) is a young white woman pictured looking at the camera while sat on a black chair smiling with her arms resting upon themselves on her lap. She has brown eyes and brown coloured hair which is pushed off her face with a thin headband. She is wearing a red lipstick and pink shimmery eyeshadow. She is wearing a red dress with a black and white Christmas fairisle pattern on it. She is wearing with black opaque tights with black ballerina style slip on shoes.

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My name is Anthony. I like singing and dancing.

My favourite singer is Tina Turner. I want to be an actor. I love watching soaps. I miss and love my brother.


Image Description

Antony (He/Him) is a black man in his late 20’s. He has curly black hair and brown eyes. He has a black and white goatee. He is pictured smiling straight at the camera with his gold and black walking stick while wearing a cyan blue velour zip tracksuit jacket.

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My name is Katy. I like doing, I like doing at Redwell.

I like doing singing and dancing and my favourite one is I like doing dancing when the dance teacher is on called Sarah.


Image Description

Katy (She/Her) is a white woman in her early 20’s. She has shoulder length blonde highlighted hair and bright blue eyes. She is pictured smiling widely at the camera with shimmering eyeshadow and pink lipstick on, against a white background. She is wearing Minnie Mouse red and black zipped hoodie 

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I’m Gary. I like where I am living now. All my friends are here. My best friend is Katy, and she is beautiful, not my girlfriend thou I wish she was but she’s not. I like living in Hillhay road its good I know it’s a dead end you can go that way not that way. Where I lived before I had to go up stairs but now I’m downstairs I’m happier.


Image Description 

Gary (He/Him) is an older white man in his late 70’s with shaved hair and brown eyes. He is in standing in the centre of the frame smiling against a white background with his walking mobility aid facing the camera. He is wearing a black Liverpool football        t-shirt with navy shorts and dark brown sandals.

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My name is Chloe. I like dancing and baking, I like singing. I have 2 boyfriends. My best friend is Katy. I liked having my hair, nails and makeup done by Jen. 


Image Description 

Chloe (She/Her) is a young white woman in her early 20’s with brown curly shoulder length hair. She has blue and purple patterned framed glasses and is pictured sat on a chair with one leg crossed over the other. Her nails are painted light pastel blue and are resting on her knee. She is wearing a heart pendent necklace with a white hoodie with the word “LOVE” in black bold capitals and the word “always” in white over the top in italics. She is also wearing cobalt blue jogging trousers with laced black trainers with white soles.

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My name is Joe, I like rugby, Holidays, and photographs.


Image Description 

Joe (He/Him) is a white man with olive skin tone in late 30’s. He has dark brown hair and brown eyes.

He is pictured in thick knitted brown Jumper. He is laughing at the camera with his arms folded.

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My name is Rime. I have autism. I support Man United and Cheltenham Town in football. And I like dancing, football. I like doing my diamond art and I love bowling as well. 


Image Description 

Rime (She/Her) is a young dark olive skin toned woman with red coloured hair in her early 30's. She has light brown eyes. She is smiling at the camera with red lipstick and dark purple eyeshadow that matches her silk purple puffed sleeved top.

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My name is Jack. I love being at Glo-Active and I like helping all my people in staff. I like spending time with my mum and my dog, and I like doing sports and I’m really good at it. I’m really good at rugby, football, cricket, and I like helping out the staff and all the people at Glo-Active. I like helping Hayley, Lindsey, Charlotte or staff Katie or Staff Chloe helping out doing lots of stuff at Glo-Active.


Image Description 

Jack (He/Him) is a young white man. He is pictured sat on the floor cross legged smiling with all his teeth on display with his hands clasped on his lap. He has short blonde hair and brown eyes and is wearing black square framed glasses. He is wearing a grey camouflaged Under Amour branded sweatshirt and jogging trousers with yellow football boots on.

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My name is Helen. I like swimming. My favourite is Micky and Minnie Mouse. My favourite song is shallow by Lady Gaga.


Image Description

Helen (She/Her) is in her early 30’s. She is a white woman with long brown hair with purple ends and brown eyes. She has pink eyeshadow and red lipstick. She is pictured with her arms folded in a pink, purple, green paisley chiffon on dress against white background.

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My names Craig. I like singing, dancing and drama.

Image Description

Craig (He/Him) is a white man pictured sat on a black chair smiling with his hands resting on his lap against a white background. He has short brown hair and blue eyes. He is wearing a deep red and navy thinly striped polo top with an embroidered dragonfly logo on and he is wearing dark brown trousers with black Velcro shoes.

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My name is Emily. I have 3 sisters. I love watching Matilda.


Image Description


Emily (She/Her) is young white woman in her early 20’s. She is pictured smiling standing in a star fish position while looking straight ahead at the camera. She has dark blonde hair with a fringe which is in a high ponytail, she has blue eyes. She is wearing her favourite zipped navy hoodie with a Matilda quote in it situated on the right which is on the shape of a trophy which states “Hammer Throwing Champion” from Roald Dahl’s ‘Matilda’. She is also wearing black wide leg trousers with beige stripes down the side and is wearing white soled navy trainers with rainbow laces..

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